What a Reverse Mortgage Calculator Won’t Tell You

There are a number of calculators to be found online. However, you may find that the amounts illustrated differ from one website to another, even when the same dates and amounts are entered. If you’re going to choose for either FHA reverse mortgage or a Fannie Mae, then the best reverse FHA mortgage calculator can be found at either the AARP or National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) websites. Both are accurate, display identical figures, and display most of the crucial information, such as how much you’d receive as a fixed monthly payment, a line of credit (and how much that line of credit would appreciate over 5 and 10 years for the FHA program) or how much you’d receive as a one-off lump sum.

While having this free form of a reverse FHA mortgage calculator may somehow be able to provide you with an idea on how much money you will borrow, no one will be able telling you about something which is far much important, and that is how much equity will be left in your home after a period of years. It’s crucial you are aware of this before you make any decision on whether to opt for this type of loan.

But, if you opt for a jumbo program, you’ll need to use that company’s proprietary calculator. These calculators will also provide you the Fannie and FHA amounts though it tend to come out to be less accurate. This Financial Freedom kind of calculator was being spread widely.

What it won’t tell you is how much equity would be left in your home after a number of years. This is important. How this type of loan works is that the lender agrees to pay you a fixed amount over a period of time—usually as monthly payments. When you no longer live in your home, sell it, or die, the loan—in its entirety—must be paid back. This is usually done by selling the home. Any money left after the loan is paid you get to keep. Learn more detailed information at https://www.okcalculator.com

If house prices fall, you or your heirs would receive less money from the sale of your home or even none at all. Likewise, a rise in interest rates would also be detrimental.

No calculator illustrates these two, what-if scenarios. Therefore, when using one, be aware that it will show you what you’ll receive but not the amount of loan that will have to be paid back in say 5, 10 or 15 years from now.fda

A reverse FHA mortgage calculator works by using the equity value of your home, its location, your age (and partners), and current interest rates. It then performs the calculation and gives you an indicative illustration of what you’d receive.

This is why you should speak to your local originator (broker) as soon as possible. Don’t be blinkered by what you get now, but think about what you’ll be left with in years to come. And, don’t say it doesn’t matter because you intend to stay put in your home until you die and you don’t care about your heirs; circumstances change. You must put some thought into this aspect of your reverse mortgage right from the start. It’ll be too late after you take it out and are receiving money.